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Tweedy Braid Scarf (Knit and Crochet Now! Season 4, Episode 407)

Oct 07, 2013 20 Comments by

Tweedy Braid Scarf

Design courtesy of Premier Yarns Design Team

Supplies Needed:

•  Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Chunky Tweeds (bulky weight; 97% acrylic/3% viscose; 109 yds/100g per ball): 3 balls claret #02
•  Size 13 (10mm) needles or size needed to obtain gauge
•  Cable needle
•  Pompom maker or cardboard

The Tweedy Braid Scarf pattern is stitched with bulky weight yarn. Find supplies like yarn, circular needles, knitting needles, stitch holders and more at Annie’s to complete this pattern.

To download this free pattern, please click the link below.

Visit Annie's for supplies to make this project! Click to BUY HERE!

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20 Responses to “Tweedy Braid Scarf (Knit and Crochet Now! Season 4, Episode 407)”

  1. Woodie says:

    Saw this done on the show and can’t wait to get started!! Downloading was quite easy, just be sure to sign in first!

    • Jeri says:

      Did I miss something? I saw it done too, and I love this scarf but I can’t figure out how to start it. How can I get the 2nd set of 7 knitted when the working yarn is at the beginning of the first 7 …. ugh!!

  2. Jamie says:

    I’m almost done with mine :D First time using my cable needle… I’m excited I can do it. Looks great! Thanks!

    • Jeri says:

      How did you get started? You can’t slip 7 stitches to a cable needle and knit the next seven when the working yarn is ahead of the first seven. Am I missing something?

  3. margaret Dotter says:

    Me too. Mine was a mess, don’t know how to do it and I have done a lot of cables and never had this problem. What am I doing wrong?

  4. nikim says:

    glad I am not the only one who can’t figure this out. How do you do the first cable row?

  5. CustomerService says:

    The first cable row is a 7 over 7 cable, followed by 7 knit sts. It’s a bit awkward to work since there are no stitches before the cable and you only have 2 rows on the needles at this point.

  6. Christie Faust says:

    I am new to knitting. Can you explain what a 7 over 7 cable is?

  7. Kathy says:

    It made perfect sense when I was watching it, but now not so much. I should’ve kept the recording of the show for the demo.

  8. caroloiuse says:

    Why hasn’t this ? thread been answered? I’ve knit for 50 years and I’m confused. I did 20 rows and it looked a mess Did the pattern again an other way and still a mess

  9. Samantha says:

    I saw the show and thought I can do this. I can do the cable for the middle 7 and the last 7 but the first 7 are tripping me up. Jamie form Jan 7, Do you have any tips.

  10. Gale says:

    I don’t know if this will help because I’ve never used a cable needle but I’ve watched this segment several times. Row 3 you put 7 stitches on the cable needle and hold It in front. After you have knitted 14 stitches you grab the cable needle and, twisting it slightly counterclockwise, you use the right side of the needle to work the last 7 stitches of that row. She says it will feel award but you are literally twisting the cable needle and the stitches. When you work the next set of 7 on the cable needle you hold the stitches in the back

  11. Gale says:

    Please disregard my previous post. It isn’t right. Here is what I got from watching the show several times. Row 3 slip 7 stitches on the cable needle and hold it in the back. Then knit 7, then knit the 7 from the cable needle and then knit 7. Row 13 you knit 7, slip the next 7 on the cable needle and hold it in the front, then knit 7. Then you will finish the row by knitting the last 7 from the cable needle by turning the cable needle slightly counterclockwise and knitting from the right side of the cable needle. She said this will feel award because you are literally twisting the cable needle and the stitches. From there continue the pattern. Sorry for the previous post. I was in the process of correcting it when I must have hit the submit button. Sorry for the confusion.

  12. CustomerService says:

    We did review the pattern and it’s correct as written.

    On row 3 you will slip the first seven stitches to the cable needle, hold the cable needle in back while bringing the working yarn in front of the cable needle and knitting the next seven stitches. Then you will need to twist the cable needle to begin knitting those stitches. Be sure to start knitting with first stitch you placed on the cable needle.

    It may look funny in the beginning, but placing your work on flat surface should allow you to see the cables and the twist of the scarf developing after you do a couple of the pattern repeats.

  13. Almost there | Knitters Restaurant says:

    […] on up here but that was a long time ago in knit time. I am thinking I will pull some yarn to do this and have fun with it. The thing that intrigues me is it will need three balls of yarn and when I […]

  14. Julia says:

    I admit, I saw this episode and thought that it seemed fairly easy, so off I go to the yarn store and buy my yarn & needles, and then did the first two rows, very simple, then my headache began, no matter how many times I put the stiches on the cn, it did not come out right, Your explanation above is fine & dandy, but I am a person that I need to see, then I can emulate, and judging by the mail you have received on this scarf, I think that there are quite a few people confused. I really want to do this scarf, is there some way that you can show a video clip of it, without me buying the whole episode. I really don’t want to do anything else on that episode. Thank you, please advise asap.

  15. patnpete says:

    Thanks for the explanation of bringing the working yarn
    IN FRONT of the cable needle in row 3. I couldn’t understand what to do there but now I’m on my way and the scarf is looking great!!

  16. marcia fry says:

    I just went and bought the episode. No problem. Easy peasy. So I shouldn’t have any problem. (Crossing my fingers)

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