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Revisions and Updates

Feb 16, 2013 23 Comments by

If you have downloaded a pattern and are having difficulty with project instructions, please use our feature to check for any edits or revisions to the instructions. Thank you.

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23 Responses to “Revisions and Updates”

  1. sig says:

    I enjoyed watching your program and after trying different patterns, I have found several mistakes in the printed patterns on your web site, very frustrating ie., season 2 mosiac afghan knitted pattern. The errors start with row 4 and is it 15 missing and 16 is really 15? I have found other printed errors ie., the hat with ear flaps. . For people who are just learning to knit the intregrity of your downloaded patterns are not helping.

  2. nimrod2200 says:

    I was unable to locate the free crochet drawstring market bag pattern by Candi Jensen. Would you let me know how to find it on your website. I click on “read more” and it sends me to a “Page can not be found”.!!

  3. ChynaRose says:

    Yes, I too cannot manage to find the market bag pattern in crochet or knit. I get error 404, page cannot be found also.

  4. barbedge says:

    I also cannot find the Market Bag Pattern in crochet or knit. I also get error 04. page cannot be found,

  5. Customer Service says:

    We’re sorry but we did have a technical problem with the links in our newsletter. Those have been corrected and you should be able to download the bag patterns and read the newsletter articles now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  6. sjalvy says:

    I am having a problem with the sides on the crochet market bag pattern. Are there any mistakes/corrections?

  7. Judith Hall says:

    With the ‘eyelet heart’ it states after row 2 “41 sts” –that’s not correct, it comes out to ’44′ sts — what is the problem?
    I do appreciate the help as this design was especially appealing to me.

    Thank you

  8. Jill Bechtold says:

    I hope this is the form you mean, it’s not obvious where to ask for pattern corrections.

    For the “Short Row Ripple Scarf” the repeated short row pattern appears to be in error. A previous comment suggests that the repeat * should be before “P10 W&T” not the “K25 W&T”.

    Maggie Pace has the same pattern, except for a felted scarf, on her website, but I haven’t bought it to see what it says.

  9. Lynne Nelson-Dixon says:

    I just downloaded the pattern for the knit summer shawl by Sandi Rosner. It is missing the directions for rows 132-147 and 196-211. I tried going to your revision & updates site, but I can’t get it to accept my request.

  10. Jill Bechtold says:

    I tried to post this on the revisions page, but the form keeps telling me I left out entries or typed the red letters wrong, and then it deletes entries — like for what state I live in. Gees Louise!

    Here’s what I tried to post, about the Short Row Ripple Scarf,
    Knit 4 — #213.

    The short row part of the pattern is not correct, on Page 2 — Row
    7, and Row 15.

    On the Knit and Crochet Now! web site someone wrote in and
    suggested a correction. I tried their suggestion, but that is not
    right either. I wrote an email to the author, Maggie Pace, through
    her web site, but have not gotten a response.

  11. T Taylor says:

    Doublt Take Pendant Necklace

    The pattern’s designer (Susan Lowman) posted these corrections May 2012:

    Here’s the text of the corrections:


    …you’ll find a few mistakes in the pattern that were added during the technical editing process (many of the turning chains were moved from the end of the rows to the beginning of the wrong rows!). Here are the corrections for this pattern:

    Row 2A: Remove “ch 2” at beginning of row.

    Rows 2B, 3B and 4B: Change “ch 4” to “ch 2” at beginning of row.

    Rows 3A and 4A: Change “ch 2” to “ch 4” at beginning of row.

    Row 5A: Add “ch 4” at beginning of row.

    Also, in the “Pattern Notes”, it says “After sewing pieces together”. That should say “After weaving pieces together”. These pieces aren’t “sewn”, they’re “woven”!…


  12. Jill Bechtold says:

    I posted my corrected pattern for the Short Row Ripple Scarf on
    its web page:

  13. France\\\'s Locasto says:

    I found an era in pattern knit 4-#201 baby tuxedo. It says to cast on 26 stitches this does not work as you continue the pattern. Can you please see if there are any corrections posted for this pattern thank you France’s locasto

  14. France\\\'s Locasto says:

    I had asked about a correction for the baby tuxedo sweater. I left out where I found the era starting with the left side is where it starts France’s locasto

  15. BetheBarham says:

    I am trying to crochet the “Light & Lacy Top” Episode #213. I am finding the shoulder strap, armhole directions confusing. Are there any revisions or corrections to this pattern? Is there a DVD fir purchase or video online demonstrating this pattern? It’s so cute, I hate to give up on it. Thanks for your help.

  16. jana dettamanti says:

    I am knitting the “Feather and Fan Shawlette” and have hit a snag. In the “Third Lace Section” working as indicated in the pattern for Rows 1-8 leaves one stitch unworked in each section at row 3. What do I do with that stitch?

    Also the instructions for Rows 9-28 say “Cont as for rows 1-4, inc 1 st after first m and 1 st before next m, (ok I get that part) incorporating new sts first into Garter st patt and as sts become available, into Feather and Fan patt.” What exactly does this mean?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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