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Free Crochet Pattern: Tree Bark Throw

Nov 01, 2012 26 Comments by

Tree Bark ThrowTree Bark Throw
Design by Cindy Adams

This afghan just makes me want to curl up and read. It’s worked in a dimensional cluster pattern, which is fairly easy to master, and gives wonderful texture to the lush, tweed-mix yarn. Designer Cindy Adams has created a warm and snuggly afghan that is great for everyone in the family.

To see the video and download the free pattern, please click the link below.

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26 Responses to “Free Crochet Pattern: Tree Bark Throw”

  1. kdwyer101 says:

    I could not get it to download. Very disappointed

  2. briva says:

    Looks like this would make a wonderful wheelchair-lap afghan, which I usually make about 29-30in wide. The suggested yarn looks beautiful in this stitch. Thank-you!

  3. summer13 says:

    Thanks, a new project for this season.

  4. hcoleman says:

    kdwyer101, me too, i have same problem, could not get it to download. No pleased.

  5. bame says:

    Same here, nothing downloads for this pattern.

  6. krym13 says:

    how do you do the special stitch? I’ve looked for it but the notes seem to have not downloaded. so very confused. it looks like a nice afghan though.

  7. kfkgreen says:

    Can you tell me where to purchase stitch markers that work well for crochet ? There seem to be alot suited to knitting.

  8. aiva says:

    Just finished making this afghan and it is a lovely one! And the afghan pattern and color does look like the bark on one of our trees!! This is an easy pattern and nicely textured. Thanks!

  9. Melwende says:

    I had no problems downloading this pattern. I would suggest you make sure you are logged in or registered and then the Download Free Pattern link appears. Good luck!

  10. catita1 says:

    I’ve enjoyed patterns in the past from K&CN. Will look forward to other patterns. Still, having to register again within WP doesn’t lend itself to following along…just giving feedback for this sight.

  11. Loufa says:

    I would like to see this pattern used to create a jacket or sweater. It’s really beautiful. Thanks!

  12. pattih says:

    I’ve registered and l am logged in and can’t download the pattern. I really want it. Any suggestions?

  13. bikehorn says:

    I am confused about Row 4 of this pattern. It says Ch 4 and then dc in ch1-sp before cl. I do not have a ch 1 sp before the first cl due to turning the afghan and reversing the order from Row 3. Also, should row 5 have 124 dc plus turning chain when complete?

  14. dianaeb08 says:

    Excellent pattern, no problems downloading & complete directions for all stitches. Can’t wait to start! Thanks :)

  15. bikehorn says:

    It is an excellent pattern. I worked out what I was misunderstanding and it is beautiful.

  16. anitadj says:

    In order for the 2nd row to work, shouldn’t there be an odd number of dc’s in the first row? I think the starting chain s/b in multiples of 4, plus 3, so it would start with 127 chains resulting in 125 dc’s. I used the foundation double crochet for the first row. I loved the way the FDC was done on one of the show’s episodes. On YouTube you can find it done the same way by DiamondCrochet.

  17. Maria Mayet says:

    What a beautiful and unique pattern. I am looking forward to crocheting this one:)

  18. Patsy says:

    “I am confused about Row 4 of this pattern. It says Ch 4 and then dc in ch1-sp before cl. I do not have a ch 1 sp before the first cl due to turning the afghan and reversing the order from Row 3. Also, should row 5 have 124 dc plus turning chain when complete?”

    This was posted by ‘bikehorn’ back in February. I’m having a similar problem with row 4. I think if I knew how many ‘clusters’ I’m supposed to have in row 3, I think I could figure it out. I’d appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks so much

  19. susanjoy says:

    Where is the video?

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