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Crochet Summer Shawl

Aug 01, 2013 22 Comments by
Crochet Summer Shawl Crochet Summer Shawl

Half double crochets worked on a larger-than-expected hook create the openwork mesh of this shawl. The border of graduated shells is added after.

If you do not see the link to ‘Download Free Pattern’ above, please log in or register

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22 Responses to “Crochet Summer Shawl”

  1. Karen L says:

    Lovely shawl but when I tried to print it, both printed pages were pretty messed up and I could not read or use the pattern as shown.

    • Customer Service says:

      Karen, you may just need to log in and download the pattern again. Sometimes the file is corrupted during download and this can affect the printing.

  2. Julie Goodnature says:

    Can’t download

  3. Princess2011 says:

    Where is the pattern to download? Cannot find the link.

  4. virginia giesler says:

    Please send me the pattern for the shawl are all of your patterns this hard to print out, if so I will cancel your site

    • Customer Service says:

      Virginia, patterns can only be downloaded from our site. To download the pattern, you’ll need to log in to your account and then you’ll see “For the free pattern and information on supplies, click here.” Just click on the word “here” to the pattern will display. You then save it to your computer or print it by clicking on the printer icon (third picture from the left in the PDF).

  5. LindY G Sherrod says:

    Beautiful shawl and right up my alley. I’m a native Floridian and live in North Florida, usually we have mild winters.

  6. Karen L says:

    Well, this is the second day and about the 5th or 6th time I have downloaded and tried to print the pattern for this lovely shawl … and I did log in with no problem. This time I tried printing just the first page and again it came out with most of the first page and some of the second page actually printed at the top of the page. Still don’t know why this is happening since it shows up on my “printing page” before actually printing as normal with both pages looking correct. Hope this can be corrected as this is a lovely shawl. Thanks!!!

  7. RM says:

    Thank you so much for the pattern and I downloaded it as well as printed it the first try ,This whole matter of so many having problems with either one has me confused . I might add though your customer support is top notch in trying to help everyone with their problems . Keep up the wonderful work your help speaks volumes to me about your site .

  8. jaunita richards says:

    Only one comment. Why such long and confusing passwords? Why are we not allowed to choose our own?

    • kelly says:

      I chose my password. also in your profile, you are given an opportunity to change your password.

    • CustomerService says:

      Jaunita, you can change your password to something of your own choosing by logging in to your account and then clicking on My Account in the upper right corner. Then choose “Edit Password” and enter the password you’d like to use.

  9. Beatrice ONEill says:

    I don’t usually have problem in downloading and printing a pattern, but this one is giving me fits. Can you help me out? It is so pretty I want to make it for myself. thank you

  10. Karen Byrne says:

    printed both the knit and the crochet versions. no problems at all. maybe the other users are having printer problems and not downloading problems

  11. Deborah King-Miller says:

    I feel lucky that I had no trouble printing the pattern, but holy cow! The print is so darn small, I might as well have saved myself the trouble.

  12. coupon shopper says:

    Some of us NEED the ability to copy & past in a larger font. Thank you!!!

    • CustomerService says:

      For those wanting to enlarge the print, you might try selecting the “print actual size” option when printing. The print program may be defaulting to sizing the page down to fit the page due to this file being oversized and that does make the print smaller.

  13. hennie collazo says:

    where do you go to download ?

  14. Beth Reynolds says:

    I am trying to make this. But, either I am totally daft or the instructions for the entire back of the shawl is missing!? Can someone help me, please?

  15. Beth Reynolds says:

    sorry! brain just kicked in and I figured it out. I was totally daft for a minute there. :)

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